9/2: Musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens answers some questions

8/5: James Murphy talks about his favorite synths, his first live gig and New York City. Read the interview here

8/3: The Synth History Podcast is out! Episode one is on electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos

7/3: Love Hultén makes retro futuristic inspired custom synthesizers. Read the interview and learn about his process.  

6/26: Synth History Vol. 3 is up on Spotify. Featuring DEVO, Yello, Afrika Bambaataa, Brian Eno, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Patrick Cowley and more.

Three Questions With Pete Townshend

Three questions with legendary song-writer and member of The Who, Pete Townshend. Synth History: What was your first synthesizer? Pete: EMS VCS3. 1971. Tim Souster was helping me with my Lifehouse project. He introduced me to Karlheinz Stockhausen, Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson (BBC Radiophonics Workshop) and helped me see the inevitability of wireless technology. (The story of Lifehouse was all about tubes and wires leading to Lockdown homes where people lived in Experience Suits). To be honest the main leap of understanding for me was the manual rather than the little synth. I suddenly realised what sound actually was, what timbre was, noise, frequency, etc. I still have a VCS3. I met it

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Interview with Gary Numan

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