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Three Questions With Myd

Three questions with musician, record producer, singer, sound engineer and DJ Quentin Lepoutre, aka Myd.

Scroll below for some photos from his live set at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Myd by Alice Moitie.

Synth History: How does your set-up in the studio differ from the stage?

Myd: I don’t want my stage gear to differ that much from my studio gear. That’s why most of the instruments and gear we have on stage are siblings of my studio machines. I think about the Moog pedals, Poly 800 or Zoia modular pedal. Some of the studio gear is too fragile to bring on the road, that’s why I chose a Moog Voyager instead of the Moog Model D vintage for example.

Synth History: What are a few of your favorite synths?

Myd: Poly 800 is a good alternative to Junos. It’s more compact and less fragile, and I love the hi ends and the filters.

Moog Voyager for the analog feeling but a maximum of control and fatness of low ends.

Ableton Simpler - seems a bit obvious but this sampler is really really powerful. I love how it sounds considering how low CPU it needs.

Synth History: If you could pick any decade to make music in besides this one, which would it be?

Myd: It would definitely be the 18th century, composers at this time dropped bangers with very few instruments. Songs conveyed emotions through melodies and chord progressions more than sound design. I’d love to get back and try this way of working.

References: Synth History Exclusive.

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