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About Synth History

Synth History is a curated magazine, website, limited narrative podcast series and collection of playlists.

The goal of the Synth History interviews is to find out what inspires modern day legends and pioneers, archive what gear they use, and find out what their process is like.

The goal of the narrative podcast series is to highlight important stories pertaining to synthesizers and to understand their influence all around us.

Synth History was founded in 2020 by me, Danz. I'm a musician, producer, record label owner and synth nerd who enjoys researching random tidbits of information on synths. I'm also a vinyl enthusiast, film enthusiast and video game enthusiast. I write and produce the podcast, curate the playlists, conduct the interviews, made this website and typed out the words you are reading right now.

Thanks for taking the time to check everything out.

Head over to the contact section if you want to get in touch and make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates. 

Take care,


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