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Synth History Podcast

The Synth History limited narrative podcast series dives deep into the history and technology behind synthesizers and the pioneers who brought them to the forefront.


A meticulously crafted and immersive listening experience. 

Synth History: E03


Oscillators are found everywhere in our universe, from the voltage controlled oscillator found inside your synthesizer, to the quartz crystal oscillator found inside your watch. The oscillations of black holes, electromagnetic fields, and sound itself shape the dynamics of our world. This episode takes you on a journey through what it means to oscillate - a fundamental concept in physics and engineering.


The Roland Corporation and its founder, Ikutaro Kakehashi, have had a lasting impact on popular music and culture. Roland’s drum machines and synthesizers have been used by countless musicians. This episode explores the circumstances that led Mr. Kakehashi to found one of the biggest musical instrument companies in the world. 

Synth History: E01
Wendy Carlos


Without Wendy Carlos, we might not have synthesizers in music! A pioneering musician and composer, best known for her electronic music and film scores (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Tron). She paved the way for synthesizers with her 1968 record Switched-on-Bach, which won several Grammy Awards. In this episode we talk about Wendy's history and contributions to the world of music.

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