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Introducing the Synth History Podcast - E01 : Wendy Carlos

I couldn't be more excited to finally announce the Synth History Podcast! You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more.

The first episode is on pioneer Wendy Carlos. She paved the way for synthesizers in the late 1960s with her Grammy-award winning record, Switched-on-Bach. Influencing countless figures within the world of music - even Dave Smith, founder of Sequential, references Wendy as his introduction to synthesizers in a recent interview conducted with him. Who knows where synthesizers and electronic music would be without Wendy.

So, I truly hope you enjoy it! There's a new podcast section on the website now where they'll all be located. Each episode will be paired with a full transcript with references. The music contained in Episode One is original, Wendy Carlos- inspired covers, or under the public domain (like these great bach covers I found!) The original songs will be released eventually, when Season One is complete. Since I'm currently doing all this all alone (researching, writing, producing and editing) each episode will take some time to complete. Hopefully, in the future I'll be able to afford help and pump these out more quickly! (if you want to support / sponsor Synth History e-mail me at

Thanks for taking the time, and if you like the podcast please be sure to share it, leave a nice review and subscribe.



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