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New Synth Playlist Update - July '23

The "New Synth" Playlist is updated bi-monthly.

New Synth Playlist July 23

Track-listing - July 23:

Chrome Sparks - You Are Love

High Pulp, Jeff Parker - Unified Dakotas (Cover Art)

Dirty Art Club - Tell It 2

Medasin - Stretch

Night Tapes - Silent Song

Thomas Barrandon - The Quiet Earth

Com Truise - 4 Morant (Better Luck Next Time)

ENNY - Charge It

Little Dragon - Amöban

Alan Palomo - Stay At Home DJ

ford., A Beacon School - In Motion

moondiver - Dominoes

Harpsichord Canvas, Orchard Mantis - Living The Dream

Pacific Coliseum, Teen Daze - Dream Island

Shygirl, Fatima Al Qadiri - Angel

Yeaji - Submerge FM

Harrison - Like When We Were Kids

Shook - Plant

Supernative - Blank


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