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Synth History - Vol. 7 - Autobahn

This one was fun to make.

Every now and then I'll compile songs I like (that relate to Synth History) into streamable volumes on Spotify. Synth History Vol. 7 - Autobahn features artists I found whilst rummaging through record shops in Europe last month whilst on tour (opening for TV Girl, I make music under the moniker of Danz CM!). I found records in shops like Galactic Supermarket in Berlin, ZAP Records in Amsterdam and Lindi's Schallplatten Laden in Vienna. I highly recommend asking record shops what they recommend, because it can lead to some great finds!

Anyway, here it is:


Claude Larson - Savannah

Führs & Fröhling - Street Dance

Amon Düül II - Da Guadeloop

Patchwork - Soul City

Moebius, Plank - Conditioner

Ambros Seelos - Gimme More

NEU! - Hallogallo

Supermax - World of Today

CAN - I Want More

Kosmischer Läufer - Tonband Laufspur

Cluster - Fotschi Tong

Michael Rother - Karussell

Karat - Der blaue Planet

Brainticket - The Space Between

Conrad Schnitzler - Auf dem schwarzen Kanal

Marty Gold - Eleanor Rigby

Michael Rother - Silberstreif

Kraftwerk - Antenna

Ashra - Don't Trust The Kids

Peter Baumann - Bicentennial Presentation

Snakefinger - The Model

Klaus Schulze - Weird Caravan

Thirsty Moon - Südwind

Telex - Twist a Saint-Tropez

Führs & Fröhling - Happiness

Marty Gold - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Meeresfahrt - Lift

Earth & Fire - Weekend



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