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The Wraps Are Off! Moog Campaign, 1982.

If you were a Keyboard Magazine reader in the early 1980s, you might have come across Moog's "Wraps are off" campaign featuring the Memorymoog, DSC, and Taurus II.

Moog - the wraps are oof campaign.

Memorymoog: While comparable to other polyphonic synthesizers of the time - like the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Oberheim OB-Xa - the Memorymoog distinguished itself with an additional 3rd oscillator per voice and greater preset storage capacity. It had 6-voice polyphony, 40 programs, 20 program chains, expanded modulation, programmable pedal functions, and an LED readout.

DSC: You might be thinking - what the heck is that rectangular box!? The Moog DSC, which stands for “Digital Sequential Controller”, was apparently never released to the public. There's not very much information about this unit, although it has popped up on Matrix Synth. It was an 800-note digital sequential controller with storage of vibrato and pitch bend, programmable transposition, rhythmic auto-correction, cassette input/output, sync to tape recorders and battery backup.

Taurus II: Inspired by organ pedal boards, the Taurus II was controlled through 18 foot pedals, modulation and pitch bend wheels, and a CV interface. The Taurus II was criticized for housing a very similar synthesis engine to the Moog Rogue, leading to perceptions that it was essentially a repackaged version of the synth. Because of this, the Taurus I is often preferred. You can kind of see the resemblance to the Rogue in the controller which resides on the table as well.

The first image for this campaign featured a table with a sheet over it that was black and white!

Moog - the wraps are oof campaign.

Here are the original ads side by side - scanned by the amazing Retro Synth Ads' blog.

Pretty neat idea for campaign if you ask me!

References: Keyboard Mag, High res photos edited by SH, Retro Synth Ads, Matrix Synth, Wiki.


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