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Three Questions with Soko

Three questions with French singer-songwriter and actress Soko about creativity and making tunes.

Synth History: Love the opening synth for "Don't Tell Me to Smile"! What's your favorite synth?

Soko: Oh thanks! It feels like so long ago, I can't remember for sure... but pretty sure it's the Juno arpeggiator. That's my favorite synth. I always want to write a song as soon as I sit with one.

Synth History: What is a tip to maintain creativity in the studio?

Soko: Surround yourself with inspiring people! I constantly make new playlists and share songs with people and create my ideal sound landscape from bits and pieces of other songs in my head to pick the perfect colors for my songs. Also, I have phases where I get super shy in the studio... sometimes I just have to take a step back, live life, and come back to it more inspired.

I also journal a lot, so I always have so many notes in my phone and song titles and lines floating around that helps me be in the emotions of the songs and feel connected to what I'm really trying to say here. That's important to me, to remember why I'm writing the song and what I'm trying to get out for my sanity.

Synth History: What are your favorite natural sounds in the world?

Soko: My kid's voice, 'cause it's the cutest.. and their giggles! Also, cats meowing, the oceans' waves crashing, the sound of the rain.

Tropical storms in the jungle with all the wild animals so alive.

References: Synth History exclusive, Olga Ush photography.


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