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Three Questions With Vince Clarke

Three Questions with musician and composer Vince Clarke (Erasure, Yazoo/Yaz, Depeche Mode).

Synth History: Do you remember the first time you heard a song of yours on the radio?

Vince: We (Depeche Mode) were driving through London, on our way to do our first UK TV show. It was in the afternoon and ’New Life’ came on the radio in the car.

Quite honestly, we were amazed.

Synth History: Do you think there is an audible difference between playing an older analog synth, versus a newer digital one?

Vince: I think many of the newer digital synths sound cool but I personally prefer the sound/feel of analogue synths. Most of the keyboards and modules in my studio are analogue and each one has it’s own character… unpredictable and a tad out of tune.

Synth History: I know you are a synth aficionado. Can you list a few of your all-time favorites and a few of your current favorites?

Vince: My favorites change from week to week but at the moment..

1. Pro One

2. Roland System 100m

3. RSF Kobol

4. Roland Juno 60

I bought all of the above new in the early 80’s and they still sound amazing. I recently acquired the new-ish Prophet 6 which I’m finding very inspirational. So much more interesting than the original Prophet 5, I think.

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